Airsoft sniper scope

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the viewfinder is one of the most important parts of your airsoft equipment. Its aim is to increase the performance of your replica improving accuracy. There are several types of sights. The sight intended for the sniper is the most powerful. Indeed, it allows you to shoot long spans in order to make a difference and to save his team without being flushed out.

Types of sights

To choose the right sniper scope, you must first determine what type of terrain you are going to play on. This information is essential in order to know the necessary range of your sight. If the land in question has different reliefs, you can opt for a adjustable magnification telescope which will allow you to adapt to all environments by modifying the power of zoom depending on the distance from your target. The advantage of adjustable sight glasses is that you can optimize the power of your zoom, depending on the situation and the environment in which you find yourself.

You can also opt for a Fixed magnification telescope which will save you time. Indeed, you will not need to make any modifications, depending on the terrain, it will already be ready for use as soon as you change position. The advantage of fixed glasses is that you will quickly get used to the power of your glasses and thus judge the distance and accuracy of your shots.

Thanks to a telescopic sight airsoft, you maximize your chances of hitting a target over a long distance. Be aware, however, that even with a quality rifle scope, you won’t become a sniper without training.


the reticle allows, in an optical device, to carry out more precise sights by interposing in the clear visual field a single or double crossing of wires tracing a reference allowing alignments. For sniper reticles, they have graduation for long-range shots.

There are several types of reticles:

Mil-Dot for long range shots;

Duplex Crosshair for instinctive shots;

Modern Rangefinding for long range shots with scale to know the distance between you and the target;

Target Dot with a fine reticle ideal for precision shots.

The type of reticle chosen differs depending on the user’s choice and preferences.

Diameter and magnification

The diameter relates to two rifle scope lenses. For the exit lens, a small diameter gives a space-saving and light glasses, therefore who is not overweight for the replica. Choosing a small diameter assumes that the shooter is well trained to be able to shoot successfully. On the other hand, if the diameter is large, the comfort will be better, but the glasses may be more cumbersome.

For the entrance lens, a large diameter is synonymous with a brighter bezel. The details will therefore be more precise when aiming, even in dark weather.

The diameter value is the second number written on the rifle scope. For example, 3 x 40 means 40mm diameter for the entrance lens.

For magnification it can be fixed or variable.

For a variable magnification : an inscription 3-9 x 40 means that you can zoom the image 3 to 9 times, and the output diameter is 40 mm. But be careful, the more you zoom, the more you reduce the field of vision.

For a fixed magnification : a 6×40 inscription means that you zoom 6 times, and that the exit diameter is 40 mm.

The preparation

In order to use the full potential of your airsoft gun, it will be necessary to make some adjustments. The operation will be carried out simply, in a few steps:

– Choose a clear, windless firing area corresponding to the distance you want to set your gun

– Align the rifle to the target and wedge it so that it does not move when you shoot

– Center the reticle of your telescope on the heart of the target and make 3 shots

– Go see your target, define the average of the impacts that you will materialize by a midpoint using a marker

– All you have to do is rotate the turrets in steps to make the center of the reticle coincide with your midpoint