Job description: Agri-food manufacturing operator

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Agri-food manufacturing operator is a profession belonging to a sector in constant demand. This job consists of transform raw materials in food products. It is also known asproduction agent, industrial device operator Where manufacturing worker. Let’s find out about them specificities from his work.

The missions of the agri-food manufacturing operator

The main mission of the agri-food manufacturing operator is to transform raw materials in products suitable for direct consumption. He works within a industrial manufacturing workshop on a production line. It must guarantee compliance with standards, hygiene rules and of security, manufacturing instructions and production requirements (quotas, quality, deadlines, etc.). He must ensure thesupply, as well asmachine maintenance and automated production lines.

Skills and knowledge

L’production operator must master many tasks. He monitors theraw material supply. The to analyse the raw materials and the outgoing products of the chain by controlling the condition and conservation. He maintains his workstation as well as his equipment. He is fully aware of food manufacturing processes. He is also aware of hygiene standards, of security and quality and apply the cleaning procedures and disinfection.

Work environment and dress

L’food manufacturing operator is affected in food companies. This concerns many sectors such asanimal feed, the drinks, the bakery and industrial pastry, the confectionery, the conserves, the frozen, the dairy products, the sea ​​products and the meat.
In general, thefood manufacturing operator work by rolling, the week-end, from night, the holidays et en according to the seasons (end of year celebrations, summer products). His activity mainly carried out and studio, the temperatures can change ranging from refrigerated areas Where hot through the humid places. It is a profession which requires the wearing of various Personal Protective Equipment (EPI): des gloves for protect both the mains and the food handled., non-slip safety shoes to protect the feet and avoid falls on the slippery floors. For‘hygiene from head, he must have a charlotte and a mask and he can complete his outfit with Protective glasses. He may also be required to wear combinations specifically designed for agribusiness, or many work coats.


To become a processing agent, you have to get a CAP/BEP Where Professional baccalaureate in the field offood. Certain positions specific to the sector require a BTS Where DUT. Employment is also accessible without a diploma as long as the operator has acquiredexperience in the catering trades or some processing industries. For the machine handling, one or more CACES can also be required.

Professional development and income

L’food manufacturing operator can know many perspectives of evolution in his profession. With enough experience, he can to reach the posts of Line driver, from production team leader, from production line manager or from production unit manager. Son salary is located in medium to around the minimum wage for a beginner. It can however to evolve to over time and know bonus bonus, from yield Where others.

As we have just seen, this demanding job is a essential for the agrifood sector for the making of our consumer products. It is accompanied by a strict outfit for the workshop work and can offer career opportunities in a sector still in constant demand what isfood industry.