Airsoft, a practice for enthusiasts

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Very little publicized, the practice of airsoft today has many followers, in France and around the world. This leisure activity which combines play, sport and military strategy relies on the use of replicas projecting plastic balls.

L’airsoft above all attracts passionate who come together in associations to organize parties in natural (forests, developed areas, etc.) or urban (disused warehouses, etc.) environments. security of all, airsoft respects strict regulations and requires protective equipment (wearing glasses is compulsory) to avoid injuries. As a specialist in the fields of security andmilitary equipment, VetSecurity offers a new complete range of products dedicated to airsoft: combat pants, rangers, holsters, protections, helmets, glasses, bags …

Airsoft material and equipment

Practitioners indulge inairsoft on their free time and attracts an extremely large audience! Men, women, all adults, beginners or experienced: fans of airsoft are above all looking for thrills. This leisure activity invites you to surpass yourself, develop a sense of strategy and promote fair play and team spirit.

Concretely, the teams give themselves a mission and define the scenario of their “confrontation”: capture of the flag, search and destruction, VIP protection … To accomplish his mission, everyone must equip themselves with essential accessories to resist the assaults of the “enemies” or decorate their replica such as certain tactical lamps. In airsoft, communication is essential. It is therefore advisable to bring walkie-talkies. The replicas must be transported disassembled in a bag provided for this purpose.

Indispensable protections for the practice of Airsoft

Inspired by military missions and OPEX, airsoft requires quality equipment, first of all to protect itself from the impacts of balls but also to face the climatic hazards of outdoor parties, whatever the weather. Thus, all players are equipped with mandatory eye protection such as tactical glasses meeting strict regulations (EN166F for 0.08 joules replicas, EN166A or B for others). In addition, as airsoft players are brought to to hide in ambush, a camouflage helmet or a CE camo softshell jacket can then make the difference to surprise the adversaries.

Some games of airsoft can be spread over several rounds (or even several days). Choosing a good bag is part of tactical : either small, flexible and handy like a Hex-Stop 35L backpack or large capacity with MOLLE fasteners like the OD green Modular BackPack bag. Finally, to live his passion for airsoft daily, Vetsecurity has selected a range of lifestyle clothing inspired by the airsoft universe.