5 tips for choosing the right sleeping bag

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Sleeping bags are lined with an insulating material, down or synthetic, in which we slip to sleep, but also to face bad weather and cold. You will be able to distinguish the different sleeping bags by their comfort temperatures, their insulating capacities, their weight, their shapes and also theirs volumes once compressed. Each user is led to favor a characteristic according to its use, which is why we will help you to see it more clearly in order to take with you the ideal bag.

Your body produces heat and it’s up to your sleeping bag to preserve it, so it’s important that it has the right characteristics for your use.

Each of them has specific qualities such as comfort temperature (the user is comfortable), the comfort limit temperature (the user is at the limit of the feeling of cold) and the extreme temperature (the user’s survival is at stake).

In order to assess the characteristics necessary for your sleeping bag, you must first find out about the minimum temperatures in the area you are going to. Remember to take into account the possible temperature differences between day and night.

Subsequently, all you need to do is determine the type of bag that will correspond to the climate in which you will be setting up your bivouac.

Choosing the right material for the filling of your bag is essential, which is why you must understand that it is thanks to this that you will be isolated from the cold. The differences between lare two compositions that we will present to you will allow you to adapt your choice.

The synthetic fibers guarantee a affordable price, while providing good insulation against humidity. They will also make washing easier, as it is a material that can be washed in the washing machine. This type of lining will therefore be suitable if you have to frequent a high humidity area. In addition, synthetic fiber bags will be more resistant well less fragile than those filled with down.

Down is a more insulating material than synthetic, which is made of goose or duck feathers. This matter enteredîdo not therefore a higher investment. In addition, a bag made of down will lose its insulating power when it has to deal with humidity.

On the other hand, as the filling is compressed under the weight of the body, insulation between the sleeping bag and the ground is essentialthe. The sensations of cold are often linked to this poor insulation, which is why we advise you to usea mattress Where a groundsheet Who serve youhave middle layer.

The choice of model: the shape of the sleeping bag

There are different types of sleeping bag, first of all the shape sarcophagus, which perfectly hugs the silhouette which promotes thermal protection. These bags will also usually lighter and less bulky than blanket bags.

The blanket bags, as for them, will allow more amplitude, but this advantage will be compensated by a less good thermal protection, because they contain an additional quantity of air which the body will then have to warm up. These blanket bags will generally be more bulkys sarcophagus bags, which is why their use will be reserved for more lenient conditions.

Choice of packaging: weight and volume

The thermal performance of a sleeping bag will have an influence on the weight and volume, the better the performance, the heavier and bulkier the bag. These two criteria will be very important for some of you. If you are going to leave for a long time, your sleeping bag should be as compact as possible.

Additional advice: the Vetsecurite.com selection

In order to give you the best advice, we offer you a selection of products which may correspond to the different destinations in whichthes you may be required to surrender.

If you must go to an area with tropical climate, the presence of mosquitoess will be undeniable, which is why it is wise to bringa mosquito net, which will allow you to sleep without being disturbed by these particularly present insects. In that case, it is important to be equipped with a bed suitable for these temperatures, which is why we offer you the bag Xpro Light by Ares.

Let’s come to temperate zones. We advise you to bring a versatile sleeping bag, which will ensure optimal comfort in an environment où the climate is quite mild. Different bags will match you like the Snugpack sleeping bag, the Dimatex bag, or even the Highlander bag.