Top 10 Aikido Techniques

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Aikido is derived from three Japanese words. Ai, to join, Ki means spirit, and Do means ways. Generally, aikido is a form of art that fuses the body, spirit and mind in order to find peaceful ways of overcoming challenges in life.

Morehei Ueshiba created the Aikido Japanese form of martial art. People in his area usually call him as O sensei, means the great teacher. Aikido techniques involve throws and joint locks. These techniques are developed from kenjutso and Jujitsu. Aikido’s way uses your opponent’s energy against themselves. Aikido’s method emphasizes the correct reaction against movements and dynamics of motion. Here are ten Aikido techniques.

Technique 1
Ikkyo. In this technique, control can be gained by gripping your opponent’s elbow with single hand and using the other hand to grip his wrist. This can result in leveraging opponent on the floor. Moreover, this grip applies pressure to the ulnar nerve.

Technical 2
Nikyo. This technique involves wrist lock that can bring the muscles together. The target may experience painful pressure on the nerve and twisted arm.

Technical 3
Sankyo. Here, the wrist is turned, which results upward tightness. The motion advances all through the elbow, arm and shoulder.

Technical 4
Yonkyo. This is a shoulder control which is almost the same to Ikkyo. Except that, the forearm on the opposite side should be grip with both of your hands. Here, pressure is applied on the radial never of your opponent.

Technical 5
Gokyo. This is a variation of ikkyo, wherein the hand that grips your opponent’s wrist is reversed. In addition, shoulders and arm are rotated with a downward pressure which is applied to the elbow.

Technical 6
Kotogaeshi: A throwing technique which involves wrist locks and throws that stretches the extensor digitorum.

Technical 7
Immining. This technique is a throw that is known as the entering the body. Here you are going to move into the space occupied by your opponent. This method is a classic way of the clothesline technique.

Technical 8
Koshinage. A hip throw, in which you have to position your hip slightly lower than your opponent’s hip. This can help you flip your opponent with a pivoting action.

Technical 9
Tenchinage. This is known as the heaven and earth throw. Here, you will have to move forward while sweeping one of your hands high which represents heaven. And the lower hand represents the earth. This can cause an unbalance body motion to your opponent which makes him topple over.

Technical 10
Kaitennage. This is a rotation throw, wherein you have to move your opponent’s arm backwards, until you lock his shoulder’s joints. Maintain this hold to apply more pressure.