The Tour de France: a well-supervised event!

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Whereas the Tour de France 2019 in full swing, safety must be one of the priorities among the excitement. Since 1903, the Tour de France has brought together the French on the side of the roads. It is an event which is an integral part of the identity of the country; it must be supervised. For it, more than 20,000 law enforcement officials are identified to participate in this great mission!

The workforce made up of policemen and of gendarmes is spread over different operations such as the emblematic presence of motorcyclists among the peloton as well as the long-awaited passage of the advertising caravan.

The gendarmes and the caravan: organization and objectives

This year, a team of twelve gendarmes (six women and six men) is in charge of occupying the head of the advertising caravan. On board their car screen-printed in the Tour colors, the gendarmes must ensure safety and compliance with the instructions given.

Their upstream preparation revolved around the review of first aid procedures and the maintenance of weapons in particular. They also followed a “media” training in order to adapt to this very popular event, broadcast on the airwaves of the world!

To follow the steps, the gendarme teams car maintains a pace of 30km / h in order to ensure good safety distances and anticipate dangers. This mandatory speed is carried out on hundreds of kilometers!

But what are the real objectives of the presence of officers?

The gendarmes must above all do pass prevention messages and invite the public present along the roads to stay vigilant.

This close contact with spectators also serves to deploy recruitment campaigns. Indeed, a multitude of positions is to be promoted!

A mission that never stops!

Early in the morning, before a stage, the officers begin cleaning their vehicle. Then they will greet the thirty brands present on the Tour in order to recharge the cars with the famous “goodies” distributed throughout the stage to the delight of spectators.

From the last orders given around 9 a.m. to the finish line, the gendarmes carry out their duties.

When the stage is over, the gendarmes must find their hotel, sometimes very far from the site of the day. The runners and their teams occupy the nearest hotels, which is why the gendarmes travel around an hour’s journey to get to theirs.

Gendarmes and Tour de France, a story that does not date from yesterday!

On the occasion of the Tour de France 2019 edition, the official website of the national gendarmerie has published exclusive and original photos which transcribe the work of the officers of today and yesterday!