The role of the pharmacy technician

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The pharmacy is commonly known as the place where one can buy drugs and health products. However, this term relates to a much more fixed, with distinct and varied sub-fields within the pharmaceutical circle. The pharmacy is thus declined in five main areas : l’workshops pharmacy, the biology, l’hospital, the distribution wholesale and theindustry. The trades of the pharmacy are then as multiple as they are different according to the missions of each speciality. Before focusing specifically on the profession of pharmacy technician, let’s first mention the various trades of the’pharmacy dispensary.

The pharmacy dispensary

L’pharmacy dispensary main objective is to make accessible the medications with or without order, the health products or those of well-being. Community pharmacists are responsible for prepare orders clients and also have a role of to advise towards the latter.

A pharmacy dispensary brings together several trades here is a brief summary.
– The pharmacist who is the owner of the community pharmacy.
– The assistant pharmacist who assists the pharmacist in his mission.
– the pharmacy technician whose role we will detail.

the pharmacy technician just like the pharmacist must be able to perform several diverse and varied tasks. He prepares the drug orders, advises clients and take care of the inventory management. It is one of the essential assets for the proper functioning of a workshops.

The pharmacy technician can operate as well by workshops, that athospital or in thepharmaceutical industry. At the pharmacy, he is more directly at the customer contact. He must then conjugate listen and business sense.

The missions of the pharmacy technician

The pharmacy technician, by virtue of his medical curriculum, is authorized to deliver the different prescribed drugs on a order to a customer coming into the pharmacy. he is also apt for remind the dosages and the modes d’administration. He is able to to verify a dosing error or a contraindication for the patient by consulting the prescription.

The pharmacy technician can also perform different preparations on customer demand. These treatments out of prescription must be offered with the good dosage. This activity of drugstore including creams, care, food supplements, and other medical material in free sale requires them informed advice pharmacy technicians and pharmacists. The preparer therefore has a good knowledge some issues drugstore products offered within the pharmacy to correctly to guide customers to the products corresponding to their needs and their expectations.

To effectively maintain the dispensary, the preparer must to verify regularly the supply of departments drugstore. It also has the task of manage inventory from medications and of drugstore products. He must be able to anticipate the possible out of stock and manage the replenishment close to suppliers for products requiring it. In stock management, the preparer must also to verify the expiration dates products and drugs available in the pharmacy.

The preparer’s outfit

The exercise of this medical profession to contact direct from clients involves a impeccable hygiene. The choice of outfit is therefore essential. The pharmacy technician will then be mainly dressed in a tunic or a medical gown. These are clothes that offer excellent freedom of movement which can be equipped with practical pockets for pens or accessories. One light pants to the elastic waistband will easily complete the set.

It front of smooth floors from the dispensary, work shoes or some work clogs are essential assets. The different classes of the standard EN ISO 20347 deliver characteristics non-slip, antistatic, anti-perforation orshock absorption. About the anti-slip standards, the choice can be made on a pair MS. It is also possible to opt for SRC safety shoes for a more comprehensive protection.

the contact direct with the client also requests the health precautions what can a Respiratory mask. A choice that can go from simple disposable surgical mask to FFP3 filter mask.

the pharmacy technician therefore fill a essential role for the public and his need forfree access and facilitated medications. The abilities d’listen and of advice of the preparer will allow him to guide at best its customers to adapted care.