The importance of nursing

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In direct contact with patients, healthcare professionals medical care are faced with people of all ages affected by various pathologies that they must be able to help and follow in all circumstances. They are the link between the patient and the doctor by performing all the care they deem necessary in order toensure their well-being daily or compensate for a possible loss of autonomy of the sick. The tasks which are exclusively reserved for them are logically numerous and above all very diversified, which can constitute an attraction as well as an obstacle for the students according to their aspirations. Equipped with tunics, gowns, pants and safety clogs, nurses are an essential figure of the medical staff.

The diversity of nursing

Whether they practice their profession in a health establishment, in a private practice or even with a patient in the event of hospitalization at home, nurses do not only provide purely technical care. They must also succeed in establish a good relationship with patients and their families to address their concerns as specifically as possible. Nurses are therefore not there simply to respond to a medical prescription, they are also present in order to support their patient both in terms of moral that on the plan physique.

These professionals may need to lead a nursing project or to implement educational and preventive care. Their skills also include research and scientific data processing, but also the clinical monitoring people whose state of health presents risks. It is also up to them to decide whether it is necessary to have recourse to isolation measures or restraint in very specific cases, but alsoassess mental disorders if they have experience in psychiatric nursing.

The basis of nursing care obviously involves the ability to provide therapeutic measures following a prescription by making and adjusting the medical treatments. The vaccination is obviously part of their activity, just like the drug preparation and the evaluation of the quality of care provided in order to improve their professional practice. Because some of them may be brought to former other aspiring nurses thereafter.


A nurse can also choose to follow one of the many existing training courses to then specialize in areas such asanesthesia, the childcare, the operating theater or the Health Framework. Since 2019, there is a specialization called IPA (advanced practice nurse), which guarantees the care of patients throughout France in order to fight against medical deserts. It is located halfway between the mission of nurse and that of general practitioner but requires at least 3 years of practice as a nurse. Professionals who are not attracted to the working conditions in the hospital can also move towards a wide variety of structures, for example by becoming a nurse. military, male nurse liberal, male nurse searcher, nurse of job working in a company, or even a nurse working in an association humanitarian.