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In this article we will discuss the standard EN ISO 20347 in order to clarify your choice of shoes. Each trade requires specific shoes depending on the dangers you may encounter. We will also discuss the specialists in the manufacture of this type of shoe.

What is the ISO EN 20347 standard?

To begin with, do not confuse the shoe of job (EN ISO 20347) with the security, ISO 20345 standards. In order to differentiate them, it is important to know that a work shoe cataloged under standard EN ISO 20347 does not include no protective shell at the tip of the foot. This shoe will not protect you from the various possible impacts and crushing.

Each of them have characteristics that make it possible to establish their levels and types protection.

The ISO EN 20347 standard consists of of them classes distinct. Class 1 which corresponds to shoes basses while class 2 encompasses high shoes. Within each class, codes determine the level of protection.

The different trades

Despite the fact that work shoes do not have a protective toe cap, this does not mean that they are not suitable for outdoor work. In addition, EN ISO 20347 standard shoes are ideal for areas such as catering and medical.

the catering industry involves many risks. With shoes suitable for the practice of your trade, you can easily cope with a large number of them. A non-slip sole will allow you to deal with floors that can be slippery in kitchens, a energy absorption in the heel will allow you to be more efficient during your service, etc. Catering professions require standing for long periods of time, which is why it is essential to be equipped accordingly.

Dominique shoes from Safety Jogger can be perfectly suited to catering trades. Indeed, these shoes have a non-slip sole as well as a reinforced heel allowing shock absorption. In addition, they have the characteristic of being antistatic which can be an added advantage. These shoes will be ideal for room service.

The medical professions, just like the catering professions, require you to stay up for many hours a day. This is why it is important to be shod efficiently. Generally, clogs are favored in these trades. But why is the hoof so important? At first it is a question ofhygiene. Hospitals and other medical fields require very strict hygiene, hence the importance of medical clogs which can be easily cleaned in a machine and in an autoclave. In addition, they also prevent lacerations and cuts thanks to their fairly flexible material and are also composed of orifices on the top or on the sides allowing a better breathing.

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, pharmacist or even a hospital service worker, shoes like the Sonic clog with its shock absorption technology will suit you perfectly and are available in several colors. In addition, we also offer more standard medical clogs such as the SNV Pro brand Fergy which has an adjustable strap for more comfort.

Who designs these shoes?

Work shoes are mainly designed by brands specialized but in recent years, sports shoe brands like Diadora or even Puma have become essential in this area. The market for work shoes is getting bigger and bigger and consumers are expecting more and more. Comfort, resistance and many other characteristics are now factors that will influence the choice of a shoe. This is why each of the brands tries to be one step ahead in terms of upcoming technologies and also works with the aim of developing its own revolutionary technology.