The Anatomy of Krav Maga

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No other martial arts form comes close to the simplicity, power and effectiveness of Krav Maga. It is designed to give one the skills and techniques to supremely defeat an enemy with quick and lethal responses to attacks. The recent years has gained Krav Maga a good following because it is easy to learn, and the combat tactics involved are guaranteed to ward off unwanted and threatening individuals.

Before getting yourself into a KravMaga training, understand the following about this full-fledged form of self-defense:

  1. Attack the weaker points of your enemy’s body. Given that your life is threatened and you can still defend yourself and fight back, your best opportunity is battering the vulnerable areas of your attacker. Krav Maga videos illustrate how you can attack a helpless body portion, and foresee with chances when these areas could be hit with your counter strike. Instead of the usual multiple undirected punches, you could learn the rabid, vicious techniques of returned attacks on the weaker points of the body that could debilitate your enemy to surrender;
  2. Defend and attack back. In a life threatening situation, once you’ve temporarily overwhelmed your attacker, Krav Maga teaches you to attack back. In line with the principle that the best way to break out from a fight is to end it quickly, Krav Maga teaches multiple blocks and attacks. More importantly, this martial art form teaches how to block and attack at the same time to immediately end the fight. When a knife or dagger is up your face, Krav Maga teaches a series of techniques to avoid getting hurt, and putting your attacker down and snoring;
  3. Three hundred percent defense. Krav Maga is mostly all about blocking methods and evading tactics during attacks. You will be trained to employ three simultaneous moves, which, upon complete execution, will render your attacker hoping someone will dial 911 – quick! The first move would be blocking using hand or foot defense, or maybe plucking to break a choke or headlock. Next would be the body defense wherein you turn or move your body to distance it from your attacker. The third principle is “moving away from the attack area” which means you go around your opponent to disadvantage his position and direction. Deflecting the first attack and then moving quickly to your assailant’s inconvenient point would neutralize him. At this point, you can then regroup your counter moves to end the fight, with your attacker waving the white flag;
  4. Situational awareness and looking ahead. Being attacked in real life is nothing compared to those movie scenes you’ve seen. Wherein in the silver screen you see two characters slugging it out, exchanging high flying kicks and making zombies out of each other’s faces, in real life and with Krav, you cut the scene immediately, render your enemy incapacitated, and as for you, come out of the fight unscathed and victorious. As anyone can be attacked at any time and place, Krav Maga integrates in its teachings how you could heighten your awareness of events and persons, and develops your keenness for noticing trouble right from the start. In all Krav Maga videos, illustrations of how you can move away from the line of attack, and knowing the blind spot of your enemies and yours are included and explained well. Also, methods of escape and possible objects to aid you in the struggle are also pointed out in Krav Maga.

Where success of other martial arts form are only found in movies and tournaments for belts and recognitions, the success of Krav Maga can be achieved in certain victories in any attack you may fall into.