Tactical flashlight: how to choose it?

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The law enforcement may be called upon to manage violent confrontations or simply defuse delicate contexts, particularly during nocturnal activity. The traditional ones torches have evolved: they have become a essential tool to keep the situation under control. To fully benefit from the possibilities offered by this equipment, take the time to find the model that suits you.

100 Lumens minimum

L’arrival of LEDs on the market has increased the brightness and the lamp resistance. The tactical lights now display considerable power, effectively dazzling an attacker. Moreover, the precision and thelight beam intensity can effectively disorient a criminal taken by surprise: very useful use for a night watchman for example, or even during an intervention on the ground of the security forces. Thus, to guarantee you real efficiency, prefer a lamp displaying 100 Lumens minimum. Vet Sécurité offers a wide range of tactical lights adapted to all needs: from 190 Lumens to 630 Lumens and even 1100 Lumens! That you are gendarme, police officer Where security agent private, don’t neglect your tactical torch! Fenix, Maglite, Alpha, Lenser, TOE, Vet Sécurité has selected the privileged brands security professionals.

Size of a good touch light

The tactile lamp is not limited to optimal illumination of an attacker, a place or a vehicle. She can become a weapon in its own right in the event of melee. A night control that goes badly, a demonstration that degenerates, an ambush … the gendarmes or police officers are often victims of frontal attacks. They can then combine the blinding action of the flashlight to his impact power. So choose a flashlight suitable for your hand : small enough to hide in the palm of your hand, but large enough to be able to strike a blow and injure your opponent. Also adapt the characteristics of your tactical flashlight according to the context in which you will be likely to use it: waterproofness, range, autonomy …