SLUBAN military construction sets: a new form of Militaria?

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Militaria is a term designating any object made by Man and testifying to a military activity from all countries at all times (arms, uniforms, military decorations, buttons and badges, artistic pieces, books, photos, toy soldiers, etc.). This expression also includes realized objects later to historical and military events, in order to memory retention (models, works of art, copies, etc.).

the collection of military antiques today represents a passion for many collectors.

With the release of Military construction and assembly games offered by the brand Sluban, Lego compatible and available on our online store, we wanted to make a connection between these realistic toys much appreciated by children and the Militaria.


The war games have always caused a sensation with children. Since 1914 and through the wars, children have been taught this “war culture”To theschool and even in their toys, usually made by mutilated soldiers. Besides the famous toy soldiers, the most popular toys were in particular the soldier figures and civilians to cut (on the Planches d’Epinal) then to dress and puppets to assemble.

Nowadays, memory duty, this moral obligation to remember a historical event and his consequences in order to preserve oneself from reproducing it is passed on to new generations through commemorations, family stories, school or visiting historic places.

Educate children through empathy can allow them a better understanding of past tragic events. For the older ones, video games like “Unknown Soldiers” or the youtube channel “The Great War” are also means of transmission.

With their permanent wish to “do like the grown-ups”, Children are more and more attracted to toys. realistic. This is why we offer you on our online store, a wide range of military construction sets, representatives of gear or some reproductions of war scenes, such as the Stalingrad Battle Set, the Half Track M38-B0685, the German combat bomber or again, the Russian combat bomber.

It seemed interesting to us to draw a parallel between this memorial perpetuation of history, promoted by the Militaria and the continuity of the duty of transmission of it through a fun way and in thetune of the times : the construction games and D’assemblage.

Pass on History while playing with your children!

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