Security guard equipment

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Whatever their mission, the role of security agents consists of both reassuring the public and deterring malicious people. For reasons of authority and legislation, the wearing of a uniform is compulsory for all agents on duty, but this uniform may vary according to the agent’s activity.

Choose an outfit that complies with the law

the security field not being an area like any other, the law is relatively demanding on the attire that officers must wear. First of all, it is mandatory that the uniform worn include at least two badges that represent the name or logo of the company and that these badges be visible at all times. Then, the dress must not resemble other regulated uniforms (police, firefighters, gendarmes, etc.) so that there is no confusion in the event that several trades have to manage the same disaster at the same time. same time and same place. Of course, the uniform ofsecurity agent being regulated and bearing witness to an authority, it is strictly forbidden for officers to wear it outside of their working hours.

Choose your agent outfit according to the mission

There is no standard outfit that can be adapted to all missions. For example, an agent working in a store could wear a White shirt, a tie, a pleated pants and dress shoes while an agent who will ensure the smooth running of an event will wear a yellow vest with the words “security”, classic pants and intervention shoes. Each mission has its own outfit. For agents who have to work outdoors or at night, the main constraint is temperature, so take the time to choose the jacket that suits you (parka, jacket or softshell). Some are specially designed to face this kind of conditions and offer adapted specificities (waterproof, waterproof, fleece, water-repellent, windproof…).

Customization of the outfit and practical aspects

When we talk about the uniform ofsecurity agent, there is only one ideal outfit: the one that best suits the agent who wears it while respecting the laws that regulate the profession. For practicality, choose jackets or softshell with numerous pockets, adjustable lengths or even inside right and left elasticated loops for your cords and ear cups.

Don’t forget the belts to wear all your intervention equipment (lamp, radio, etc.) and have them at hand at all times, ready to use when needed.

Think about comfort, visibility and functionality, while respecting your budget and you will be sure to make the right choice!