SELF DEFENSE Spray Anti-Agression V1.8 REDimpact 40 ML Gel

● – Capuchon breveté EASY-CAP anti-déclenchement intempestif
● – Version compact 40 ml
● – Buse de projection haute vélocité
● – Projection longue distance
● – RedImpact bénéficie du label qualité France Défense.


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3 in stock

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Your defense will now have an Impact! Simple, safe and suitable operation for everyone.
The spray has a patented narrow and fine nozzle to propel the gel in the form of a concentrated jet.
This system offers several advantages: The field of action is wider than a standard propulsion allowing to increase the range of the gel and thus the remote use on a threatening individual It does not disperse and you do not risk returning of the product due to the wind or to touch a non-target third party.
The RedImpact research team has developed an innovative formulation and allowed the addition of an indelible marking dye for a minimum of 72 hours.
From now on, the aggressor will be marked on the face and clothing, thus allowing the identification by the police in a precise and rapid manner.
Who has never wanted the police to find their attacker as quickly as possible? It can be used in a closed environment.
The effective range is around 4 meters which is a performance for a compact model like this.
The spray is equipped with a patented safety valve to prevent an untimely departure, or improper handling in a bag.
An expiration date increased by one year compared to other products, allowing an effectiveness of your defense spray for 3 years.


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