Maternity and early childhood: What jobs for the well-being of children?

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The arrival of a new born is always a major event in life. For the pregnancy and first years of life under the best conditions, parents will have the opportunity to be supervised and supported by many professionals sectors of the maternity and some early childhood. Let’s take a quick look at those who will guide and will heal the little ones.

Support pregnancy and birth

The very first specialist to deal with good health from women is the gynecologist. Besides the regular follow-up apart from pregnancy, the obstetrician gynecologist is also in charge of monitoring the good progress from gestation and perform the necessary interventions if needed.
The midwife accompanies pregnant women from pregnancy to maternity. She watches over the good health mother and child throughout this period. She performs the clinical examinations and paraclinical while working in collaboration with the doctors. She directs the childbirth preparation sessions and, following the birth, can continue to follow up to the family home. Those health professionals mainly work in clinics, equipped with tunics Where blouses appropriate.

The profession of doula, of American origin, is still not very democratized in France. It acts in additional medical follow-up and its watchword is well-being of mother and her baby. She does not practice in a medical capacity, but is able to provide relaxation methods to lighten the pregnancy stress and childbirth through massages (equivalent to the massages of the practitioners). She may then be called upon to assist parents in the first daily tasks as the preparation of small dishes, the courses where the housework. The doula is first and foremost at thelisten needs of the mother and helps her channel her doubts and emotions.
Just like the doula, theperinatal companion deliver a accompaniement parents during the pregnancy, of the’childbirth and you homecoming. It is a specific training which offers listening and advice to parents.

For the medical monitoring of the child, he is supervised until his adolescence by the pediatrician. This consultant from child health brings her skills from maternity and then to regular consultations to ensure the good growth of the baby. He supervises the good development, inoculates them vaccines, diagnose care and guide parents. For others more specific needs, there are as many regular health professionals. We can cite theorthopedagogue (learning disabilities),orthodontist (dental care), theSpeech Therapist (speech, language and writing disorders),orthoptist (visual disturbances) or psychomotor therapist (nervous disorders, orientation or concentration).

Childcare and early childhood

In its early years, the baby and toddler are cared for by themale nurse and thechildcare nurse. Besides the care, this medical professional perform the blood test, the health diagnostics And the others curative procedures. He is assisted bychild care assistant caring for children and infants in maternity, at thehospital, in crib or in nursery. He supervises the development, l’food, l’hygiene and the comfort. However, he does not take care of the care. For the psychological well-being of the child, the child psychiatrist specializes in support and care medico-psychopedagogical. The latter also exercises well at thehospital, that in dedicated centers or in private practice.

the busy daily parents can lead them to homework delegate custody or theoccupation of the child. In crib, l’early childhood facilitator holds the CAP Early childhood and is the professionalhomepage and some garde of children. At domicile, l’parental assistant takes care of the children of 3 months to 10 years in the presence or not of the parents. He respects the daily family rhythm and is able to ensure the surveillance, the meal, the toilette where the entertainment. L’maternal assistant also provides childcare for 0 to 3 years. He officiates at his own home, in maternal assistance house or in family nursery. It ensures thehomepage, the well-being and theawakening.
The care professions that have been created act in a familiar setting who calls a outfit at a time sober and relaxed, while being convenient and allowing limit small inconveniences that can be caused by the little ones. The other essential common point in these professions is to guide the child towards his first notions of development and D’education.

First steps towards education

The first signs of awakening will take place first in crib (or in kindergarten) where theagent and thenursery assistant take care of the youngest children. They ensure theframing, to the safety and organize activities for stimulate consciousness of the smallest. In the same places, theearly childhood educator assure l’flourishing from under seven in dialogue with the parents. It implements theeducational action with a team that he has at his own expense.

After the nursery, the next step is thekindergarten. L’regional agent specializing in nursery schools (ATSEM) supports teachers by bringing a technical help and educational. It acts in class, during the activities and during the meal. He participates in awakening activities and assist theteacher in his daily missions. At the end of this phase, the toddler will leave the early childhood and can be entrusted to school teacher who will take over fromeducation.

At thedawn of his life, a child requiresattention and of many treatments. As we have just seen, the parents can then grant their confidence to a large panel of professionals. These will be able toflourish all aspects of the existence of toddlers, whether at the level of well-being, from health orawakening.