Job description: how to become an enhanced surveillance officer (ASR)?

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The job ofenhanced surveillance officer Where armed security guard is being regulated. It will allow security guards to train themselves in order to carry out an armed surveillance activity with Category B and / or D weapons.

Summary :

What are the missions of the enhanced surveillance agent?

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Enhanced surveillance officers may use category B and / or D weapons only within the framework of specific missions authorized by the competent administrative authority:

– surveillance and guarding: prefect;

– physical protection of persons: Minister of the Interior.

This weapon port must be justified by the existence of an exceptional risk (risk of attack for example).

Weapons that can be used within the framework of ASR missions are :

– category D weapons : defense sticks, batons, telescopic tonfas, incapacitating or tear gas sprays with a capacity less than or equal to 100ml.

– category B weapons : handguns of the 9mm automatic pistol type and special 38 revolvers, incapacitating or tear gas sprays with a capacity greater than 100ml.

How to train to become an armed security guard?

Recently, the private title “Intervening in Armed Surveillance” from the French Security Institute has been recognized by the National Council for Private Security Activities (CNAPS) and delivers a level 4 title (baccalaureate level).

Obviously, a weapons training is also, like all the initial formations of the field of private security, sanctioned by a exam and the issuance of professional certification. For human surveillance agents, the training in handling category D weapons lasts 71 hours and 139 hours for categories B and D. As for personnel for the physical protection of people, the training lasts 156.5 hours for category weapons. B and D.

What are the development prospects for ASR?

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Enhanced surveillance officers (RSOs) can also operate on sensitive sites and points of vital importance (ASR-2S) and carry, in addition to category B and / or D weapons, Category A1 shoulder guns as part of armed surveillance missions in a very specific perimeter such as for example a nuclear facility or one nuclear material site.

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