Item file: BMO Dimatex Polygon Bag

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According to his assignment brigade, the missions of Biker Gendarme may vary significantly while requiring permanent availability. He is often required to exercise far from the brigade, both day and night. It will be assigned various missions, which is why it must be constantly ready to respond operationally to them.

the vehicle control and you respect for the highway code, the fight against delinquency, through support for judicial inquiries, but also escort missions for official travel, not to mention security missions for public events require different material and equipment.

That is why it is essential that each motorcycle policeman owns his BMO polygon satchel of the brand Dimatex. Specially designed for these two wheels, its dimensions allow it to adapt perfectly to top-cases present on BMO vehicles. It will allow all its owners to carry out interventions efficiently and quickly, day and night, in particular thanks to its reflective bands yellow and white for additional safety.

The BMO Dimatex Polygon Satchel

the Polygon bag of the brand Dimatex has plenty of storage of all kinds. It is equipped with two pockets at the front and a main compartment which contains 5 mesh pockets. The first pocket can allow you to store a breathalyzer as well as any other drug screening test, for example. As for the second front pocket, it has 3 zipped pockets, a pen holder, a document pocket and one carabiner hook, useful for your personal effects (papers, coins, keys, etc.).

The main compartment will allow you to carry notebooks or binders as well as documents using its spun pockets. The bag has a support velcro round on the front in order to personalize it with the badge of your brigade. You will find at the back two additional velcro locations in order to show your blood type as well as your unit.

A multi-faceted bag

This satchel is primarily designed for BMO, but its functions do not limit it to this brigade. Indeed, it can be perfectly adequate for the air force. In order to facilitate travel between the helicopter and the barracks, you will need mobility as well as maximum fluidity so as not to waste time. You will be able to store the tactile tablets intended for research as well as various documents according to the types of missions.

It can also be used within the maritime force, during transitions from one boat to another, the big capacity the bag is a very important point that will allow you to have your complete equipment.

The police can also use this bag since it is customizable with its Velcro fasteners and its identification panel on the edge. Its robustness will allow it to withstand multiple missions, in order to protect your equipment in the long term.

This bag adapts perfectly to your needs, its ergonomics and his versatility make one modular luggage as desired and may be appropriate for the field in which you practice.