Ideology Behind Krav Maga

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Krav Maga was discovered by Imi Lichtenfeld when he has working at IDF Learning School in Israel. Imi went through a rough childhood wherein he had to excel in different sports like wrestling, weightlifting, gymnastics, swimming, and boxing. He spent most of his life in Bratislava along with his father but because of organizing a group of people to go against the Nazi government he was forced to live his homeland and sail to Israel in order to escape from the strong clutches of the Nazis.

When he left, he carried with him the memories of oppression and tyranny that was inflicted to his people. He was able to witness civilians that are maltreated just because they don’t have the capacity to defend themselves or in simple thought they are just defenseless. In view of this, he thought of devising new martial arts that will specifically apply to average men and women of Israel. He wanted to create something that can be used by ordinary people to defend themselves in cases of emergency. Krav Maga was already thought in IDF School as part of physical fitness and swimming lessons they are also teaching.

Imi worked in this institution for twenty decades and within this time he crafted a new Krav Maga that can be easily remembered and executed. He sees to it that ordinary people will be able to learn its means and ways even if they don’t have the slightest idea about martial arts.

The fighting principles involving Krav Maga can be categorized into three. In the first level, you need to learn how to counter attack any throws or blows coming from your opponent. Blocking techniques are very essential part of any form of martial arts since it is the means of protecting yourself from any injury or harm that may befall on you. If you have good defensive skills then there is a better chance that you are going to win the match.

The second level will be to learn the different attacking stances or mastering your offensive skills. There are different attacks that you can do depending on your position or posture, location, and opponent. In every attack or blows, you must target the weakest and most vulnerable part of your opponent such as the head, knee, and groin.

The third and final level will be a combination of both your offensive and defensive skills in order to finally bring down your opponent. With the right technique you have a good chance of defeating and immobilizing your enemy.

Imi stressed out that Krav Maga does not intend to take away lives, that is why you should not kill your opponent unless severely necessary.