Iconic military camouflages

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Internationally recognized technique for concealing soldiers and the equipment, the camouflage is inspired by animals and their techniques to go unnoticed in their environment. Camouflage was adopted by the armed forces during the First World War, and saw a real boom during the Second World War. The historic colors of the camouflage are inspired by the European environment, with tones of green, khaki, brown and beige. Today, there are dozens of camouflages, corresponding to the different areas of confrontation of external operations: desert, forest, mountain, snow. Trousers, jackets, jackets, hats, gloves, tactical shirts, balaclavas… camouflage is available on all the clothing necessary for military personnel. OPEX.

Camouflage Camo CE, MultiCam

the Central Europe camouflage constitutes the standard camouflage of the French army. It consists of four colors distributed in spots: black, beige, brown and green. The soldiers intervening in temperate zones have at their disposal many articles in the colors of the CE camo : jacket, balaclava, combat pants … The MultiCam meanwhile has greater versatility. Almost universal, the MultiCam adapts to a large amount of terrains and remains operational in all seasons. It was designed with melted colors that influence the perception eye and brain, and its power of concealment increases with distance. Almost 40 countries use it, including France. Like any camouflage, the MultiCam is available on equipment, for example on a combat vest for a special intervention. The brand Defcon 5 has developed its own camouflage disruptif, the MultiLand, whose performance is unanimous.

Camo Desert and Coyote for the military in OPEX

Forces armies may be required to intervene in desert areas, where the strong light, the low vegetation and the clear horizon expose the military to danger. To blend in better with the surroundings, the intervention units have adopted suitable camouflages such as the Camo Desert, where the nuances of beige are predominant. To intervene in arid zone, the colour Coyote is also very effective when you need to go unnoticed in a battleground. Coyote military gear also pairs very well with the Camo Desert, for example for a backpack or rangers.