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the Parisian Inter-Donor Surveillance Group (GPIS) on Paris and the Inter-district group for Tranquility and Safety (GITeS) in Toulouse are two groups which intervene on behalf of social landlords to ensure that the peace and public safety of their buildings are respected. They mainly work on late afternoon and evening time slots, weekdays and weekends.


The teams of GITeS have the mission of develop the social bond with the tenants and actors of the territory, going to their encounter and creating a trust. To do this, they ensure a visible presence in the buildings and common areas of the building stock which they monitor. Their purpose is to carry out a control of residences with the objective of tranquility and of prevention. The sovereign police missions remain fully and exclusively exercised by the police, under the direction of the Prefect and the Public Prosecutor.


the GPIS intervenes for donors in Paris 7/7 from 5:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m., his mission is to prevent delinquency, ensure a human presence in the evening and at night, strengthen the security feeling tenants and assert the authority of landlords over their sites. He is coordinated by a Command post Operational (PCO) and allows the processing and analysis of the information collected, for a adaptation daily of the device in the field.

The heritage covered is defined by the donors and responds to the double need to maintain territorial coherence and to act as a priority on sites where the indicators reveal a finding of insecurity. GPIS action specifically targets the most vulnerable audiences, in general the victims of acts of delinquency and incivility in the Parisian social park.

Comprehensive Security Law

Professional surveillance agents can intervene directly on certain infractions committed against the buildings they supervise following the Comprehensive Security Law of March 17, 2021. They have the opportunity to train tickets for any offense that affects the buildings or group of buildings for which they perform surveillance and guarding functions. They are approved by the State representative in the department. The minutes they draw up are sent to the District Attorney through the territorially competent Judicial Police Officers within five days of the finding of the subject of the report.