Fast food: a booming sector

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The system of fast food has clearly grown in recent years. Many brands as well as individuals engage in this activity on a daily basis. This type of restaurant requires more frequent contact with customers, which is why it is essential to be well equipped to meet certain standards.

In addition, competition in this sector is increasingly fierce, mainly among self-employed entrepreneurs who are starting out in the profession. More and more food-trucks are developing, which is why it is important to stand out with custom outfits at theimage of your sign.

We are going to present some equipment to you in order to meet these hygiene and safety standards, but also to offer you some clothes and accessories to associate with the image of your fast food restaurant.

Hygiene and safety

Standards HACCP include safety rules hygienic, as well as security personal. They concern food and personal hygiene, clothing, but also environmental. Safety equipment must be worn. Headdresses, as well as gloves and proper clean clothes must be part of every fast food player’s panoply.

In addition, the use of gloves during service can be an advantage. The new Uvex glove technology provides enhanced protection by preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses at 99.9%. In the kitchen, the use of black or white disposable gloves allows you to maintain impeccable hygiene at all times and to prevent the spread of microbes.

Finally, fast food is an area that requires a lot of responsiveness and movement, which is why it is essential to respect the footwear standards. A shoe S2 like the brand Pansy Like corresponds in all points to the safety standards to be respected. It is an anti-slip, oil-resistant shoe with shock absorption in the heel. If you are more of the basket, you can always adapt a shoe model like the Visitor from the Tiger Grip brand to it or opt for the EasyGrip offering less protection but a non-existent feeling.


The outfit will be one of the first elements that the client will be confronted with. This is why it is essential that it be exemplary. It will convey your seriousness as well as the spirit of your fast food.

We will offer you a selection of items that can meet your needs. You can adapt the colors according to your brand image and even personalize them (embroidery, flocking, etc.)

For the headgear, you can choose a cooking cap for an old school spirit or favor the baseball cap, for example the Chelsy from the Robur brand. The use of a cap or toque will above all prevent hair loss in your dishes.

You can then continue with North Ways brand t-shirts, classic, but which can be personalized to your image. If you want to convey a more serious image, do not hesitate to choose the brand’s Shade jacket. Molinel present in many colors.

Finally, opt for Robur brand pants at the bottom associated with an apron. The Nell model is available in Denim color if you want a trendy image.

In addition, to keep a foolproof dynamism, choose the Albatros brand insoles to alleviate back problems in particular.

All the references proposed above will allow you to create your ideal outfit in the image of your company.