Event logistics: Who are the actors for a perfect organization?

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The event logistics is to be distinguished from traditional logistics due to the uniqueness of the event management. It’s a specific organization for some time-limited services. This type of project requires all resources needed the smooth running of an event. It is the management of all of these physical activity and these organizational activities which form the Specifications from event logistics. What then are the actors who ensure the proper functioning of the various events?

Types of events

Demonstrations can be of all sizes and forms. The event covers a large number of sectors and can therefore concern a wide range of trades.

We can first of all think of fields of culture (concerts, shows, festivals), arts (theater, exhibitions) andaudiovisual (reports, cinematographic shootings) which represent a large part of the needs supported by the event logistics. The sport events also require heavy organizational efforts.

The peaks, salons, fairs, conventions and others thematic exhibitions are as many events with an imposing schedule of conditions which mix up innumerable trades. Finally the private events (weddings, receptions) also need theexpertise from organizational professionals.

The missions of event logistics

Regardless domain among those raised, the work mass required fordevelopment of an event is of a colossal scale. She is guided and directed by a specific trades which ensures the success of a event project.

the event logistics so is the qualified professional who is in charge of this organisation. He is at the head of the project and operates in support of the work of speakers (artists, guests, exhibitors, athletes) to unload them from thematerial organization Where administrative. It sets up the specifications of the event, lists all resources needed and develop the plan d’action. The organise, planned and supervise the routing operations from products, from materials, d’equipment and D’speakers to the location of the event.

It is he who takes care of administrative tasks and organize the management from infrastructures, from equipment (acquisition, use), transport vehicles and resource stocks. It is also responsible from security from installations and infrastructures, as well as surveillance of the location of the event. The logistician ensures meeting deadlines, regulates logistics costs and supervise the information system management.

He has the key role by being the professional who will be the first to arrive on site and the last to leave. All ins and outs of a manifestation are under his aegis, just like all experts are under his responsibility.

The actors and professions concerned

As vast and varied as the areas covered by event logistics, trades which contribute to the success of an event are diverse and numerous.

For all events that require the implementation ofdedicated infrastructures (concerts and conventions among others), assembly technicians, forklift operators and handlers are those who will give their shape to the places of events. Their task is to set up a functional and safe environment while respecting the safety instructions with a appropriate equipment, such safety shoes and adequate outfits. The technicians, machinists and specialized engineers are responsible for ensuring that all technological needs are issued. This includes sound engineers, roadies in concert, or electricians.

The presence of event location is ensured by the roles of decorators. Visual comfort that will go hand in hand with the quality of services proposed. The hospitality hosts and servers, depending on the event, may wear tunics and shoes elegant and formal, or outfits more sober and relaxed, but customizable in the colors of the event.

From the point of view of restoration, it can be the main theme a show with multiple gastronomic exhibitors. It can also be a Catering specially dedicated, whether for a meal of choice, or for a means of quick snack. The cooks and servers will display the aprons function the most able to effectively ensure the cutlery.

The course of an event is also guided by the talents of animators, speakers and exhibitors. He will also be immortalized by photographers appointed as well to sublimate a marriage that to document a important show.

To ensure impeccable hygiene, maintenance workers and of housework will be the guarantors of a clean and welcoming place before, during and after the event.

Finally, the capital role of security agents will be to ensure the security of each, of regulate the population in large numbers and to ensure that no incident escapes their vigilance. They will inspire respect and trust with a full equipment.

the panel of professionals highlighted above is only a sample of trades that can contribute to the success of an event. According to areas of events in themselves and the type ofinfrastructures and services to deploy, the various expertises of qualified technicians will still be required. Thus, despite the appearance short-lived of the’event, this sector brews all year round a large number of trades in many areas.