Dog handlers: public and private sectors

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The dog handler is responsible of his companion and must therefore control at any time for avoid any risk of accident wherever it is. So it must remain vigilant and work continuously to ensure the good training of his dog. Training takes place in different ways depending on the sector in which they work, but also depending on their activities.

Outside of the missions, the master takes care of the dog’s form and good health. Depending on the activity you choose, you can stay several hours standing while working with very irregular hours and missions on public holidays and weekends.

Whether in the public or private sector, it is very likely that you will have to make night hours.

The work of the dog handler in the private sector

To practice in safety, the candidate must follow a 9 month training in order to obtain the practical certificate of security dog ​​officer. In addition, he also has the opportunity to specialize by taking a CAP prevention and safety officer over a period of 24 months.

Within the private sector, the dog handler works as security agent. The watch and secured his workplace using the dog, which adds an additional difficulty for potential thieves. It is dissuasive and offers a security feeling extra for passers-by. Working hours can be done Day and night, depending on the type and location of the missions. They may be employed by a security agency or be self-employed.

The work of the dog handler in the public sector

Each public sector profession has its own recruitment process and its conditions of access:

– Exercise within the gendarmerie requires 5 years of experience;

– To work in the National Police a minimum of 3 years of experience and successful completion of the peacekeeper competition are required;

– Activity at the heart of customs request the validation of the competition of customs controller or customs officer;

– To integrate theAir Force as a dog handler, the bac level is sufficient;

– To work for firefighters, you must be a professional firefighter and complete training to become a dog driver;

Following the integration of one of these services, a training period will be necessary. The number of positions to be filled annually is still quite small.

What is the difference ?

Working as a dog handler will be more accessible in the private sector. You may be employed by a company for guarding and some building surveillance or even duringsport events.

In the public sector, it is necessary to achieve competition as well as formations. This aspect is more difficult to access and jobs are limited. Over many trips are to be expected depending on the missions that will be entrusted to you.