The Krav Maga routine to burn all calories and gain strength

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Do you know what Krav-Maga is?

The word Krav means “combat / fight” whose root comes from KRV which refers to everything that is close, which is why many of the Hebrew terms that have to do with “closeness” are derived from these 3 letters. It is said to have been used for the first time in the Old Testament in Isaac’s fight against the Archangel Gabriel.

The history of Krav-Maga tells that this “hand-to-hand” combat system (that is, without weapons) was created around 1940 (at the time of World War II) by the Jewish Defense Forces, in fact it is attributed to Emerich “Imi” Lichtenfeld who developed it as a practice that combined his knowledge of martial arts (jiu-jitsu, aikido, fencing, fighting…) and the movements of street fights. It is currently a method taught to every soldier of the IDF, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

boxer routine

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Krav-Maga: A defense system with movements from other disciplines.

Box, judo and taekwondo to mention some of them that integrates techniques of attack, knockdown, suffocation and joint locking, which apart from being an effective tool whose philosophy is based on “self defense”, also helps to develop a fighting personality (in sound terms and only when it is really necessary) by building in the person determination, security and confidence.

What is a Krav-Maga training?

In the context of Israeli self defense Krav-Maga (which is one of the most brutal routines you can try) includes basic maneuvers and skills that are developed in simulated scenarios with elements of surprise, high impact and energetic “enemy” attacks. In the conventional world outside of militarized practice, many of the movements that have been integrated are part of contact sports: kicks, punches, grabs or throws.

Krav-Maga: Combat Training

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Krav-Maga exercises that you can incorporate as part of your physical routine.

First try to familiarize yourself with the Krav-Maga movements, once you have some mastery practice them as a circuit, doing each one for 2 to 3 minutes. You finish the first round, rest for 1 minute and continue with the execution of 2 or more rounds. This is a quick exercise routine to work your entire body.

Knee strikes.

Keeping your feet slightly in front of the other (for example: left forward and right back), push the back foot off the ground, raising the leg, bending the knee and bringing it up in such a way that your heel moves towards the buttocks . Activate the hips completely when doing the movement and return your foot to the combat position, the initial one.

Hand heel strikes “palm heel strikes”.

Your feet remain as in the previous position. You bring your left hand extended to the front doing an upward finger wrist extension. The opposite hand in the same position stays close to your face (arm flexed). The movement is a swift force stroke that alternates between each arm (you extend one arm and push back hard to switch to the opposite). The strength of the hips and legs will enhance the effect.

Patadas frontales “front kicks”.

In combat stance, you start again with the right leg, which is the back. Similar to the first movement, you raise one leg but now instead of keeping the knee flexed, you extend it like a whip with pointed fingers. You return your foot to the starting position and change sides. Kind when you kick the boxing bag.

Hook punches.

You change the position of your feet (open without moving back and forth) keeping your whole body in front. Align your knees and feet, the former flex slightly and raise the heel of the leg coordinating the movement of the arms. Your closed fist will make the movement with a bent elbow (hooked) in such a way that it is directed to the opposite shoulder.

Sentadillas “squats”.

Keep your feet hip-bone width apart (knees aligned to foot). Do the 90º knee bend to lower into the squat. Then do the push up again and constantly repeat the movement.

Touch of shoulders and knees “Shoulder and knee tag” (As a couple).

You and your partner face each other in a fighting stance (knees semi-bent). Clenched fists bringing your hands to the level of your cheeks. They will move in all directions maintaining their fighting stance, trying to touch the outside of each other’s shoulders and knees. Obviously you do not release the punch just like that, at the moment of making contact, you extend your fingers, touch and go back.

In all movements, take care that there is no hyperextension in the joints.

These are the benefits you get from doing Krav-Maga-style routines.

It is a complete workout as it includes cardio, strength, wrestling and self defense training.

There are classes focused on cardiovascular conditioning.

You will burn calories, build and tone your muscles.

Excellent option as a defense and personal protection system.

It is designed for you to work beyond the physical level.

You will free yourself from stress and it will also be an exercise in dexterity, agility and mental truthfulness.