Baker job sheet

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What does the job of a baker consist of?

This profession is part of the field of activity of craftsmanship, it consists in producing all kinds of pains as well as pastries for a clientele. He prepares his production in advance very early on morning in order to have his confections fresh to satisfy its customers. This job can be grueling due to the working hours, but you have to be passionate and not consider this pace of work as a chore.

You should know that there are bakers working in bakery, but also in big and medium surfaces.

The remuneration of a baker?

the success establishment can have a major impact on the level of income. It is like in all the trades of the craft industry, it is necessary to be successful craftsman and to stand out as much as possible in order to be able to win new customers with the aim of retain afterwards. It all also depends on your location. In general, the salary of a novice baker is 1500 € / month brut on a basis of 35 hrs / week. It sometimes happens that these hours are exceeded and in this case,

invoicing is done on overtime. In addition, working on Sundays, public holidays and at night increases the remuneration received.

What skills are required?

The profession of baker requires certain aptitudes, to guarantee quality work full of know-how. First of all, you have to have a mind creative and to be precise, this is a real benefit in everyday practice. This activity will require anticipation in order to never be caught off guard. The management and organization are very important to find one’s way through one’s tasks, in order to be able to offer a service fluid and fast. But the key to being able to exercise this profession over the long term is above all passion.

Specific studies or a certain degree?

You have the option to start as early as high school by making a baccalaureate professional. There is also the CAP bakery, but also centres from formations, from schools specialized in this area, such as the French School Christian Vabret. These courses are focused on theory and the convenient to acquire all skills required.

To provide more details in the possible training, here is a detailed listing by level:

CAP level:

  • The baker’s CAP
  • The Specialized Bakery Supplementary Mention
  • The Complementary Mention for bakery pastry
  • The CQP tourier snaking (to learn how to prepare pasta)

Baccalaureate standard :

  • The professional pastry baccalaureate (mainly useful for the pastry-making profession)
  • The Professional Baker’s Certificate (in 2 years after the CAP and the Complementary Mention)

Bac + 2 level:

  • Baker’s master’s certificate accessible through the network of Chambers of Trades
  • Scientific and technical university study diplomas Production and transformation, specialty Arts and catering trades.

The baker’s outfit

You should know that the profession of baker is a sector with many traditions. This is why to exercise this profession, it is necessary to keep a image own and professional. The baker has an outfit slight, allowing a good freedom from movement, but also hygienic. It is therefore necessary to opt for protection at the level of the head such as a cap or a toque. There are also jackets that you can pair with a t-shirt, many pants, but also on shoes Where shoes from security. You can also equip yourself with an apron according to your tastes. All of these products are offered by the brand Robur.

What else after?

The profession of baker is very interesting for its career paths superiors. As an employee in a bakery, you will have the opportunity to work at your account in order to be more independent and have a responsibility higher. However, if you work in large and medium-sized stores, you have a good chance of integrating the position of responsible from fabrication Where chef team according to job offers. This does not prevent specialize subsequently as a baker / pastry chef in a bakery.