Airsoft: The scenarios

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The pleasure of a game ofairsoft depends on a lot of parameters and in particular the scenario! In fact, most of the airsoft games revolve around a story, a way of playing.

We had already presented to you, on our blog, the basic scenario of a game of airsoft: Team Deathmatch (also called MME). Although this is the most prevalent scenario and accessible to new players, there is a multitude of scenarios different to vary the pleasures and the ways of playing!

What is a scenario?

The scenario is decided before the game starts. It is essential for the smooth running of the game since it is on this that it will be based. According to the scenario, in other words, according to the game mode chosen, the teams will play differently and use different tactics to achieve their goal: victory !

There are a multitude of scenarios, most realistic, at most wacky. There is something for every taste. It’s all about preferences,imagination and security.

In any case, a scenario will not put the players in danger. Safety comes first in Airsoft, this is why you have to think about equipping yourself well if you embark on this adventure.

The most played scenarios

There are a multitude of airsoft scenarios, some of them stand out by being more practiced by the community.

  • The “Capture the Flag” Where CTF (“Capture the flag”) is a team game which consists of stealing a flag located in “enemy territory” in order to bring it back to its base. Many variations of this practice exist, especially with the use of a prison. Capture the opponent’s flag without getting caught, while defending your area!
  • As before, the “Hostage taking“consists of two competing teams: one made up of players who hold him captive and must watch him and the other made up of members of his team who must free him.
  • In the same vein, there is the “President” Where “VIPA team must transfer a personality and protect it up to a point while the objective of the opposing team is to sabotage that escort.
  • Ambush is a variation of the “President” scenario. One team must reach a certain point while the other team must ambush them on the way so that they never reach their destination.
  • Another scenario, less based on teamwork: the “Sniper“otherwise called the”SniperA player using a sniper rifle has a fixed amount of time to hide. A team must then search for him in order to bring him back to a specific checkpoint.
  • Finally, the “CQB” Where “Close Quarter Battle”Consists of using replicas of handguns and small power to compete in teams in a generally confined space sometimes dark or littered with obstacles.

Obviously, there are many types of airsoft games, which are not all discussed here, in order to best meet your expectations.

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