A harness for your dog, how & why?

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Nowadays, security and law enforcement officers are in high demand in our territory. The missions are more and more demanding, which pushes the State to train many dog teams to be closer to the action.

This is why, and in order to respond to demand, VET SECURITE.com references the brand on its website. Julius K9, leader in cyno equipment.

Thanks to a wide choice of dog equipment: muzzle typing, leashes, harness, leather or nylon collar, Julius K9 now equips one of the many cynotechnical teams in the Police, the Gendarmerie and in Private Security.

But how do you choose the right harness and use it well?

  • Why a harness more than a collar?

POWER harnesses guarantee comfort for your dog and do not create any pressure on the neck unlike a collar. The Julius K9 harness are developed so that the strap at the chest level transmits the pressure emitted by the leash over the entire body while limiting pressure points on the skin and internal organs to a minimum.

  • How to attach the harness to your dog?

When first fitting, it is important to pay attention to the adjustment of the chest strap and the lap strap. If you adjust one of these two straps incorrectly, your dog may slip out of the harness.

If the waist strap is too tight, the harness will be uncomfortable for your dog.

Also be careful not to over tighten the chest strap to prevent the plastic buckle from ending up under the armpits and injuring the top of the leg due to friction.

The 2 essential precautionssands to be taken into account are:

    1. The lap strap is snug so you can slip your fingers between the harness and the dog’s back.
    2. The chest strap is well adjusted if you can pass 4 fingers widely between the strap and the front legs.

All of the Julius K9 harness have a handle to catch the dog and work with it. But beware this handle, as well as the metal ring to attach the leash can represent a danger.

The new 4-in-1 fixing system for the handle of the IDC-POWER harness offers 4 possibilities: you can block only the ring, only the handle, the ring and the handle or neither.

This system is ideal for hunting dogs, security dogs or rescue dogs.

  • How to choose the size of the harness or collar for your dog?

To define the correct size of the harness of your dog, you should measure your dog’s chest circumference at a distance of approximately 4 fingers from the back of the front paws.

To choose the correct size of harness is essential for the dog to be perfectly adjusted for his safety and comfort.

Warning !

If the harness is the wrong size, not fitted properly, or the leash is not attached properly, the dog may slip out of the harness and escape. VET SECURITE or Julius K9 cannot be held responsible for the consequences.