3 Killer Aikido Techniques

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Martial arts have existed since a very long time and are the most successful form of self defense that have ever existed. Nowadays, more are more people are starting to learn martial arts for various reasons-some want to learn a martial art for street defense and some learn a martial art to be able to boost their spirituality. There are different kinds of martial arts but in this article we are going to take a look at Aikido and 3 of its powerful moves.

Aikido is very old and it has been created by using disciplines from other martial arts and this makes it a very powerful martial art. Aikido was created by a person named Morihei Ueshiba during the 1940s. Ueshiba was considered as a grand master back then because he was able to effectively combine his spirit with his body to form total concentration. Aikido is a combination of 3 Japanese words, Ai, Ki and Do where Ai means joining, Ki means spirit and Do means way. Being one of the most powerful martial arts, Aikido has several moves. Let’s take a look at three of the as I mentioned before.

The very first technique of Aikido is called Ikkyo. It is the first technique because it focuses on controlling the body. This is done by placing a hand on your elbow and another hand near your wrist. Your arms must remain contacted and you will feel that you will be able to control your body very well. This is a defensive move and it is used to prevent you from falling if hit.

Jujinage is another move and this one is offensive, that is, it does damage to your opponent. This is carried out by throwing your opponent in a particular manner-by locking your arms together. This is a move where you will throw your opponent with extreme force to maximize damage.

Finally, Koshinage is another one which also involves a throw. This throw is carried out by using the hips-you will lower your hips lower than your opponent and then flip him. This is very easy to do and will have your opponent on the ground in no time.

So, as you might have noticed by now, Aikido is powerful. Ikkyo, Jujinage and Koshinage is only 3 of its techniques and there are a lot more techniques that are more powerful and even deadly if performed too seriously. However, without proper concentration, Aikido is an inoffensive martial art. That is why if you subscribe to an Aikido Gym (Dojo), the Sensei (teacher) will focus on concentration prior to learning of any of Aikido moves.