Survival Guide: The Book All Survivalist and Preppers Need


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This is the one book all survivalist and preppers need!

In this survival guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about survival, prepping, food storage & hunting.

Book 1 – Survival Pantry

While the idea that some form of major change is on the horizon is constantly gaining steam when it comes to public acceptance; there are still those who have seen the reality of the situation but do not yet know the best way to go about ensuring they and their family are prepared when the other shoe drops. Emergency food is the key to long-term survival which is why those who want to be ahead of the game are preparing now by stockpiling food.
Book 2 – Survival

This book will cover issues like; setting up your bug out bag and pantry, how to source for water in the wild, how to search for food to survive and various things you can eat to survive. You will also learn about providing shelter for yourself, how to tell time without a watch and finally some defense techniques you need to defend yourself from wild animals and other predators. After reading this book, you will be ready to start implementing what you will have learnt when going in your next camping trip.

Book 3 – Survival: 20 Advanced Strategies for Survival in Any Situation

This book contains 20 actionable strategies that will help you stay alive in any survival situation.

When disaster strikes, everyone affected goes into panic (or survival) mode. If you’ve watched any movie involving a catastrophe, you know that when resources are scarce and hope is in limited supply, anyone can be your worst enemy. Whatever you do or don’t do has to be in the best interests of your survival. So unless you are willing to die for someone, you must learn how to make it on your own without a second thought.

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