Krav Maga Simple and effective self-defense techniques for everyone


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Krav Maga Simple and effective self-defense techniques for men, women and children

Street crimes, insults and humiliations are the sad reality of modern life. It becomes important for people to know how to protect themselves, family and friends from the offender. This book presents an easy to learn combat and self-defense system – “Krav Maga”, which is recognized throughout the world as the most effective self-defense system for civilians.. The book covers the most common situations and scenarios of life-threatening attacks and provides a detailed description of self-defense methods to fight any enemy, regardless of size.

What is inside the book?
The purpose of this book is to provide ordinary people – men, women and children – regardless of their physical condition, size and age, effective methods of self-defense against any criminal. Each chapter of the book describes in detail the technique of self-defense, counter-attack movements, tips and tricks, as well as vivid photographs for easy learning and mastering defense skills. The book covers sudden unprovoked attacks against a person with punches, kicks and grabs of various parts of the body from different positions and defenses against them, such as blocks, getting out of the attack line and counterattack techniques with arms and legs.

Start learning and practicing your self-defense skills today
Training or previous experience is not required. All the techniques and methods described in the book will be useful for adults, the elderly and even children. You do not need to be an athlete to stop a criminal and protect yourself. Each technique has descriptions and illustrations for faster and easier learning. Parents will be able to teach their children self-defense techniques. After learning the lessons of self-defense, you will feel more confident in any situation: on the street, in the club, in a public or private place.

Target audience
For people of any age and level of training, who want to feel confident in any situation of street, work or home assault and violence.
Physical education and sport\\Martial Arts
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  1. Ron

    Country: FR

    Excellent book. I use it for training of my Security guards. Practice, practice. The more you read and practice the moves the better you will get.

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