OPEX, equipment and materials for French soldiers

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The foreign military operations require a solid and resistant equipment, as well as advanced equipment for each French army soldier. However, from the combat uniform to camping equipment, according to several media, even if they receive a package before their departure, many French soldiers complete it themselves to perfect their basic overall equipment.
This phenomenon has a name, self-equipment.

Focus on military equipment and material suitable for external missions

The whole world, theater of the actions of the French army

With a budget increased for this year (2018) by 44% for OPEX, the French army’s foreign operations continue to take place all over the world: Operation Barkhane in the Sahel, Chammal in Syria, Harpy (fight against illegal gold panning) in Guyana, mission Corymb in Africa, operation Lynx in Lithuania …

Source: Twitter @EtatMajorFR

Source: Twitter @EtatMajorFR

Source: Twitter @EtatMajorFR

Complete equipment, suitable for all environments!

Temperature variations, humid and hostile environments, the “secret boot” of rangers for a soldier, is above all solidity, just like calorific performance is the main parameter to observe for a sleeping bag !
If on average, a french military would spend around 500 euros per year on self-equip, it is above all to make sure you have a quality material, all the more for go to OPEX. Tactical vest, backpack, waterproof bag, operational gloves, Adapted insoles and socks and more comfortable, resistant trellises, mosquito nets… Are basic objects which nevertheless guarantee the soldier to leave in optimal conditions for the smooth running of his mission abroad.

Where are the soldiers self-equipped?

SECURITY VET, equipment and material specialist serving soldiers, law enforcement, and more generally security professions, is one of the online sales sites where French soldiers can find everything necessary for their departure in OPEX, for example. It is clear that to better understand the needs of these men on mission, it is necessary to be passionate about their extraordinary job.