Gendarme: choosing the right equipment

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Like all security professions, the jobs of the gendarmerie are not professions like the others. And who says exceptional profession says exceptional equipment! Whether it is equipment clothing, accessories or intervention equipment, the gendarmes deserve the best to be able to ensure security under ideal conditions!

DGGN approval (General Directorate of the National Gendarmerie)

For reasons of security, the sale of equipment and clothing intended for serving gendarmes is regulated. All the trades of the gendarmerie are concerned: dog handler, motorcyclist policeman, mobile policeman, high mountain policeman and even underwater investigator. VET SÉCURITÉ received theDGGN approval, which guarantees the authenticity and reliability of the gendarmerie items for sale on the site. So you can buy online your intervention clothing or your police uniform with confidence. Our products are subject to conditions, which means that delivery is made only to the barracks or on presentation of a copy of the compulsory professional card.

The gendarmerie: an essential security force

The gendarmerie is one of our oldest institutions! She is indeed the heiress of constables created during the Hundred Years War (1337-1450) to control the armies. It was not until the 16th century that its missions were extended to civil protection. The entity “National Gendarmerie”Saw the light of day in the midst of the Revolution, following a law promulgated on February 16, 1791. Today, the National Gendarmerie is attached to the Ministry of the Interior but retains its status as an Army force, and its members are military. Traditionally deployed in rural and peri-urban areas, the National Gendarmerie acts in complementarity with the police forces, generally concentrated in urban areas. On the ground, the Gendarmerie is made up of units of departmental gendarmerie, the mobile gendarmerie, the republican guard and special units.

Constable equipment at attractive price

Like any security activity, each gendarmerie mission requires specialized and perfectly adapted equipment. For example, members of the mobile police intervene in situations of crisis, such as the maintenance of public order, or for delicate missions, such as nuclear transport security. They must be able to count, for example, on rangers high quality or some intervention gloves that provide them with maximum protection.

Like all agents of law enforcement, the gendarmes are in great demand to protect the public places in the face of the terrorist threat. To remain on duty for several hours, the gendarmes must rely on warm clothes comfortable, and practice. Inasmuch as law enforcement, the gendarmes sometimes resort to arrests for which the quality of their equipment is decisive: handcuffs, defense stick… They may also be required to provide first aid Where to assist to a seriously injured victim.

As in all institutional bodies, the gendarmerie clothing meet very strict codes. VET SÉCURITÉ, for example, offers polo shirts “Blue Gendarmerie” as well as all the badges, stripes, ranks, medals or official decorations of the gendarmerie.